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Latin workshop archive

Page history last edited by Thomas M Hayes 2 years, 9 months ago

Winter 2020

opus novum 4 nov4 019.doc 


December 21: we will continue with Julius Obsequens.some of the basic vocabulary we saw repeated throughout


pluit: It rained

lapis, lapides:rocks

caelum, -a: the sky

nimbus, -os: cloud

fulmen, fulmina: lightning

irior, oriri, ortus sum: toarise, appear

aedes: temple

ignis, ignes: fire

signum, signa: statue, sign, representation


December 14:


Finish-up the regimen Salernitanum; then on to Iulius obsequens: IULII OBSEQUENTIS shortened 12.20.doc


December 7: 


We will continue with the Regimen Salernitanum. I can't promise, but there may be some notes added by Saturday 


     night. You could check back Sunday a.m. Won't be anything that can't be gotten in our get-together.


New, expanded glossary for the Latin text, opus novum:o.n. glossary expanded 1-10 12_20.doc


In order to celebrate the holiday season we will look next at a text promoting old-time Roman religion. The first pages can be found here:IULII OBSEQUENTIS shortened 12.20.doc


November 30:  We are now on our own.  If you didn't receive the link, please let me know. 


We are in the time-out zoom zone, i.e. we will be shut down after 40 minutes, but hopefully we'll be able to get back on, 


     so, if possible, keep the link handy.


We finished the readings in chapter 10.


Started the Regimen Salernitanum--we reached  number XI, De cibis nutritivis


Today's text is the Regimen Salernitanum :regimen salernitanum, December 2020.doc


     which will hopefully help us stay healthy during these infectious times.



Fall 2020







November 23: Just about finished the readings in chapter 10

Here is the glossary again; o.n. glossary

I am working on expanding it.



November 16:  Sentence  in 10E. Introduce Ablative absolute.

o.n.10 exL translation.doc



November 9 Continue caput 10 (perfect infinitives)

and readings for caput 9 C-E

Alexius: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4nx6A6tVos


November 2

Caput 9 reading A-C

Introduce caput 10; Exercise 10E, 1-8

Learn to Speak the Language of Plants


orThe Language of Plants.doc




7. October 26

Caput 9, finish the sentences



6. October 19

We finished the readings in caput 8 continued into Caput 9, looking at the new "prepositions that take the ablative".  We did the sentences in 9F up to about 13.

Word -building questions:

Seance does come from session (a sitting) which comes from sedere, sessus.

Sedition, however come from se- a prefix meaning "away", :cut-  off"(like in separate and secession) and eo, ire, "to go" (the "d" just makes it easier to pronounce).




5. October 12

o.n. 9-14 September 2020.doc


opus novum 9 vocabulary http://www.quia.com/jg/1244226.html


4. October 5

Finish caput 8; start caput 9

o.n. 9-14 September 2020.doc

Translate these Long Island locationsLong Island towns 11.14.doc




3.  September 28

Caput 8, pluperfect tense of the verb; present participles; first two readings from A. A.


2. September 21

Caput 8, vocab, present participles


1. September 14


o.n. vocab 1-7.doc , 



opus novum 7.doc


o.n. caput 8 May 2020.doc







Pliny the Elder Historia Naturalis 



First class: September 9


Pronunciation: vowels; c,g,v,h; stress--never on the last syllable, usually the penultimate;

overview of basic uses of cases

example sentence of 1st decl. OLLI 2019.docx 

Basic cases exemplified


o.n. glossary



Material for class for September 16

We will be using material I have developed. Since I continue to tweak it, I will only post one chapter at a time--each chapter being from 8 to 16 pages.

Please download #1 below and bring it to class. You can simply download it to your electronic device, or print it out. We will talk more about this in class.

#2 below has the links to two vocabulary exercises related to chapter 1. Play with them as you like. Hopefully they are self-explanatory. Just x-out the sign that asks you to sign-up and you should be fine. We will look at problems you are having together on Monday, but feel free to call me with your concerns (631-246-5364).


 1. opus novum 1, Sept. 2016.doc

 2. Vocabulary exercises: 



3. o.n.1 exercises only:O.N. C. I, exercises 2019.doc  


2nd class: September 16

We discussed the vocabulary of caput 1

Reviewed the subject-a,-and d.o. -am  endings and added subject-us or-r and d.o. -um

Introduced the 4 principle parts of the verb, understanding that we will start with the 3rd p.p. and add a -t, translating it as the simple past tense.

We completed exercises 1.A through 1.C, and you should try to do 1.D for next time.



3rd class: September 23

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_enn7NIo-S0  (thanks to Mike LoMonico)

Go over exercise 1.D

Learn questioning in Latin

H.W. for next week, download opus novum 2.doc 


4th class: September 30

opus novum 2.doc

Vocab Caput secundum



o.n. 2, exercises, fal 2019.doc

Roman Calendar p.p..pptx

We finished Caput 2 and discussed the Roman Calendar--some of that info is in the powerpoint linked to the previous line


5th class: October 7

Make sure you've down-loaded opus novum 2 found in last week's entry

Introduced prepositions that take the accusative (d.o.) case

Started intransitive verbs

Finished first exercise--next two could be done for next week's class


6th class: October 14

We finished Caput II--do the exercises.

Discussed Roman naming conventions (found in the beginning of caput III)

Please bring Caput III to class next time:

o.n. caput 3 Nov 2016.doc 



7th class: October 21

Review Caput II exercises; Roman naming conventions; start purpose clauses


8th class: October 28

Review Roman naming conventions; 

exercises on purpose clauses

Start  Apuleius's Metamophoses (Asinus Aureus)



9th class: November 4

o.n. glossary

We finished caput 3

Took a look at how the script Pompeiians used when writing on the walls!

You can get practice with what they said with this worksheet Pompeiian Graffiti.doc 

Please download caput 4--we will start it next week

opus novum 4 nov4 019.doc 







10th class: November 11

Bring caput 4 to class (available above)

opus novum 4 exercises.doc

Looked at Pompeiian Graffiti.doc  

Started Chapter 4: vocab, definition of indirect statement.

Do as many of the exercises as you feel comfortable doing.


11th class: November 18

vocab for indirect statement.doc 




o.n. caput 3 Nov 2016.doc 




First class of spring: February 10


We reviewed last term's grammar. I suggested that you see what you can figure out from the table of contents of Pliny the Elder's 2nd book. If you can, download caput 5 (opus novum 5) for next time. It is found under Feb 17 along with some vocab exercises


PLINY02 contents.doc


 Opus novum, recensio capita 1-4.doc  

Vocab capita 1-4http://quizlet.com/4354716/opus-novum-voc-1-4-flash-cards/





 opus novum 4 nov4 019.doc 

opus novum 4 exercises.doc


2nd class February 17


In class, we

     -teased out as much as we could from Pliny the elder's index of topics about the heavens

     -Introduced the one grammatical topic of Caput 5: the imperfect tense of the verb

     -began to look at the new vocabulary

What to do?

     There are lots of very simple exercises aimed at familiarizing us with the imperfect, as well reviewing verbs we've learned.      Do whatever you'd like. Don't forget the quizlet exercises listed below

opus novum 5, feb 2020.doc

Opus novum Caput V exercises.doc




3rd class February 24

Chapter 5--imperfect indicative


4th class March 2

Continue Chapter 5

Review of pronunciation




6th class March 9

continue reading of caput 5

begin caput 6--relative clauses



7th classless March 23 -not set up for Zoom yet 

Help with the sentences in caput VIo.n. caput VI, ex. C&D explained.doc

You can also start working on the reading.



8th Zoom class March 30

Join Zoom Meeting



Meeting ID: 516 152 894

phone-in:  646-876-9923


caput 6 2020.doc

 1st declension general noun list.doc

Vocab caput sextum



9th Zoom class April 6th


Join Zoom Meeting https://us04web.zoom.us/j/516152894

We did the reading in caput 6 about the fortune-teller (sortilegus)


If you get a chance, print out this document  aetates.doc


P. Syrus !st Declension.doc


10th Zoom class April 13th

We will look at the epitaphs in the documentaetates.doc

We may start  caput 7, but don't worry if you don't have it yet. opus novum 7, April 2017.docx

Notes from first time reading inscriptions: inscriptions notes.doc


  1. Zoom Meeting Link:

    https://us04web.zoom.us/j/516152894?pwd=TXcrMGtBNHRkaTlyd1JsK1N TdktPdz09
    Zoom Meeting ID #: 516 152 894
    Zoom Meeting Password: 5CRx0H


11th Zoom class April 20th

We will continue looking at inscriptions

You can find the inscriptions and some notes below


inscriptions notes.doc


We will start  caput 7 as well opus novum 7, April 2017.docx


12th Zoom class April 27th


Caput 7--3rd declension


13th Zoom class May 4th



May 8


Continuing the reading in caput 7 opus novum 7, April 2017.doc

Start caput 8? o.n. caput 8 May 2020.doc




If you joined the program in February, you can find all the material that we have covered so far in the four downloads below:


opus novum 1, Sept. 2016.doc

opus novum 2.doc

o.n. caput 3 Nov 2016.doc

opus novum 4 nov4 019.doc 


continue caput 7, including reading


May 11

o.n. caput 8 May 2020.doc


o.n. 8 present participle explanation-zooming.doc


May 15--finished the reading in caput 7; started caput 8--pluperfect


p.s. "alimony" comes from alo, alere, to feed, nourish, care for; where we get alumni, alma mater and alimentary




Olli June 2020 click here >>>> Epitaphs 


Roman History and Culture





Ancient mythology and ancient literature 



Roman Visuals




Latin Web Pages 







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