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Introductionem ad Romanorum linguam discendendam




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      Res Gestae Divi Augusti-The Accomplishments of the Divine Augustus




Introduction to Latin, OLLI Fall 2021


Tom Hayes, rudedonatus@gmail.com, 631-246-5364


    Welcome to Introductory Latin. Whether your first experience or you are returning to an old friend, I hope Latin can be as helpful and sustaining for you as it has been for me. 

     I will explain how to use the website at our first session.

     You do not need to buy anything, all materials will be available on this webpage, and should be posted the Thursday before class. Ancillary on-line vocabulary exercises will also be recommended. A brief precis of what happened in the previous session will also be posted on Thursday.

     It would be good to download and print each chapter as I post it, since the chapters also comprise a workbook in which to write. There will also be supplementary pages that it will be helpful to have (since we have no way to pass out handouts). 

     E-mail or call me anytime. If I don't pick up, leave a message. I am probably just screening to make sure you are not selling timeshares on a barrier reef.


     If you can print out #1 below under primā sessiōne, you can use it when we meet.  But if you can't figure it out yet, no problem.  We will walk through the process together. N.B., it is not necessary to ask for access or sign-in in order to see or use this material.



primā sessiōne: September 13 

o.n. expanded glossary 1-10 12_20.doc

 1. opus novum 1, Sept. 2016.doc

 2. Vocabulary exercises: 




secundā sessiōne: September 20

review of 1st session:Intro Latin Ist class fall 2021 distribution.docx


In today's workshop we took the 2nd declension-along with some new vocabulary.

We completed exercise B and C together, and started exercise D "Metaphrasing."

Try to finish that for next time.

I will be posting a page that may help with the work during the next session. It is not necessary to have it, however. Check back Friday.


tertiā sessiōne: September 27

  We added the interrogative pronouns Quis--who S.; quem-whom D.O.; and quid--what (either S. or D.O.) 

I don't know if we'll get to start it next time, but here is the next chapter to download: opus novum 2.doc


quartā sessiōne: October  4

We finished Caput 1

If you haven't yet, download this 2nd chapter     opus novum 2, oct 2021.doc



quintā sessiōne: October 11 


sextā sessiōne: October 18 


septimā sessiōne: October 25o.n. caput 3 Nov 2021.doc



octāvā sessiōne: November 1  NO WORKSHOP TODAY 


novēnā sessiōne: November 8 If you haven't done so yet, download caput 3 o.n. caput 3 Nov 2021.doc



decimā sessiōne: November 15 Pomp graff p.1. pdf.pdf

                                                                                 Pomp Graf p.2. pdf.pdf  

                                                                                 Pompeiian Graffiti matching.doc


undecimā sessiōne: November 22 



Continuing  Latin, OLLI Fall 2021


primā sessiōnē: September 13 

gesta de apri corde modified.doc  



secundā sessiōnē: September 20 

O.N. 13 verb aid final.doc

13K verb forms review.doc

13K verb analysis.doc

Review sheet of passive formation.docLong Island towns 12.17 OLLI.doc


We reviewed these pages from the Spring.


Next time we will look again at Caput 13. Here it is.o.n. 13.doc  




tertiā sessiōnē: September 27

Caput 13.  We have already covered the material in the first half of this chapter.o.n. 13.doc  



quartā sessiōne: October  4    o.n. caput 14 2021.doc  


quintā sessiōne: October 11 


sextā sessiōne: October 18 


septimā sessiōne: October 25

Power point grammar review


Opus Novum Review Grammar 10:21.doc



octāvā sessiōne: November 1 No session 


novēnā sessiōne: November 8 


decimā sessiōne: November 15 


undecimā sessiōne: November 22 


Winter-Spring 2021


Remember it is not necessary to sign-in to download the material.

O.N. 13 verb aid final.doc

13K verb forms review.doc


May 3 Finish chapter 13, review formation  of tenses. For next time, download Caput 14O.N. caput 14 2021.doc


April  25 Finish gerunds in chapter 13, ist  section of the story ;  HW? Try to go forward in the story.


April 18 Answers to 13K13K verb analysis.doc


April 11

     I have decided to slightly revise Caput 14.  There  is lots to  do in 13 to keep us busy for awhile.



     1. Quizlet for present vs. perfect forms https://quizlet.com/3584228/on-presentperfect-flash-cards/


     2.  Review sheet of passive formation.doc  (from work we did in the 4/4 session)


     3. Quizlet reviews:

          of  passive https://quizlet.com/5612528/on-12-m-verb-forms-flash-cards/


          of vocabulary 5-12     https://quizlet.com/17451428/on-vocab-5-12-flash-cards/


April 4  We finished the readings in Ch 12, and reviewed the formation and use of the passive. We began Caput 13, which presents the present tense. You could try the first exercises.


March 29  We  went over the exercises. And read further in the reading.

The translations of the 1st 3 paragraphs are found here:O.N. 12 readings r,s,t in English.doc


March 22 We looked again at the earlier exercises (G,I) which can be foundbelow with  translations and then started exercise L-whose translation is following  O.N. 12 exercise L.doc

. We also read the first few sentences of  the  next reading. We will redo that next time. I also  did a little matching exercise for  practice for passive verbs O.N. 12 extra exercise 1.doc 

There is also a quizlet that may be  helpful. 



March 15: Translations!! of Caput 12 exercises E,G,I O.N. 12 e,g,i exercises.doc


March 8 Caput 12: the use of the passive


March 1--OOPS!!  Was I supposed to post someting here? Obviously I didn't. We finishedthe reading in Caput !! and started caput 12.


February 22:

Here is the translation that we did in class: O.N. 11 story translation-2nd part.doc

Here is the exercise on Ablative  Absolutes we were working onO.N 11 add on compare A.A..doc


February 15:O.N.11 Story translation.doc


February 8 

Here are the exercises from Caput 11 to check your work  Exercises from Caput 11 with help.doc


February 1


Look over the basic review which I posted after last week's meeting. (Just click it then download it.)


Have Caput 11 ready.



January 25: Review of where we've been and then start on caput 11, found as part of this packet:


Basic intro from 1st meeting.doc


o.n. 9-14 September 2020.doc


o.n. glossary expanded 1-10 12_20.doc


Latin workshop archive





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